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Hi all,

sorry for the mandrake like disappearing act which i did since the 1st week of June as i had to move out of India for personal reasons, or lets just say, family reasons. now, all’s well that ends well and am back and hopefully will be back to form very soon.

the post’s title should very apt for the reason of the post: there is a revival in the Tamil comics publication which is happening right now. and this is a major reason for the, those who know me over a period of time know that my mother tongue happens to be Tamil, though i never mastered the language. that doesn’t mean that am not that good with the language either. am good enough to to hold my own when it comes to the language.

Now, enough of this and let us get straight into the issue: within a period of 30 days, 3 issues of Tamil comics have been released and this has never happened in the last 10 years. the publisher in all the three cases happens to be one “Prakash publishers” who are carrying the baton for the baton of Tamil comics for the last 37 years and currently the only Tamil comics publisher who is active.

let us have a closer look at all the 3 books which have been released in the last 30 days:

1. Lion Comics–Phil corrigan–mandavan meendan–The Return of the Dead Man

Lion Comics  206 HotLine Back Cover

this book marks the silver jubilee of the launch of the comics as in 1984 the very 1st issue of the comics was launched with Modesty blaise being the lead character in that story and to celebrate that occasion, the next issue comprises a story of modesty blaise as well, which was  shown in the second scan. The second scan is the page called hot line, in which the editor of the comics voices out his thoughts and it is very keenly read by comics lovers all over. the third scan is the advert of the other comics from their group called “muthu comics – (pearl comics, if you translate)” which comprises of a story from the good old 60’s mandrake.

for those who are new, Phil corrigan is a secret agent who was in search of the bad guys since the mid 30’s of the last century. he has appeared in indrajal comics as well. here are the indrajal comics that i have with me.

01 Untitled-01 Untitled-01 Untitled-01

this book comprises of 2 phil corrigan stories and both of them are wonderful stories to read. am not sure if they are available in any form of download. will check and come back to that very soon.

Links: Wikipedia for Phil corrigan

2.Comics classics-steel claw-vinveli kollaiyar-the thieves from outer space

Comics Classics 24 Comics Classics  24 Muthu 144

comics classics is a wonderful concept as it reprints the olden Goldie's of the 70’s and 80’s comics again. the 1st 2 scans are the front and back covers of the wonderful issue which came in A4 size for the 1st time ever, as in the case of the 1st time issue which was published in muthu comics some 24 years ago for a price of INR 4.00

1st page last page next issue

here are the 1st and last page of the story with the 3rd scan announcing the next issue of comics classics which also features steel claw. it seems that we are going to have a wonderful time as well.

Links: Wikipedia link for steel claw

3.Muthu comics-Mandrake-Nizhal edhu?nijam edhu?-which is real? which is fake?

Muthu Comics 312 Front Cover Muthu Comics 312 Back Cover Editorial Comics Time

and the latest book to reach (today only i got this) was the latest issue of muthu comics, which is in the run since 1972. and, it features mandrake as well. what else can i ask for? the cover and back wrapper are scanned along with the editorial which is called as comics time in this magazine and this too is written by mr s.vijayan as well.

1st page robot archie story next issue johnny hazard

this book features a robot Archie story as well. it was so long that i read a Archie story, that i really liked it even though it was not up to the mark. the next issue is a classic story of johnny hazard whom i like very much.

ric hochet coming soon XIII Jumbo spl advance booking coupon

and the other major attraction of the book was, the announcement of the rich hochet story and that of the XIII Series which will be a monster of a book in 800 Pages in A4 Size which will feature all the 18 episodes of the mega adventure on which the Bourne series of films are based on. and the cost is only INR 200.00, which is a steal. what am i going to do on Monday as the 1st thing? book couple of copies for me.

links: Wikipedia link for mandrake

Links: Wikipedia link for Johnny hazard

Links: Wikipedia link for ric hochet

Now that concludes the the post and i will be back with couple of long pending posts like that of the clifton and the latest book that i read (which will be suspense, till i blog).

cheers, adios.


  1. wow, another comics blog.

    nice to know that you are interested in the tamil comics.

    keep it up and keep blogging.

    Jolly Jumper
    Comic Fans

  2. thanks jolly jumper. will try to be as regular as possible.

    am planning to do more posts on the english comics though.

  3. here is another comics blogger who does post the entire story for download and for reading.

    this one features corrigan story:

  4. Good to see a mention of Tamil Comics on your brand new comics blog Vedha. It is indeed a revival of sorts happening at present in Tamil Comics, with as many as 3 editions in a month's time.

    Wonderful scans and a write-up and hope it would bring many more readers to chose the old ways of reading comics on their mother-tongue, which seem to have become a rarity of sorts offlate.

    By the way, I have taken the liberty to add your comics blog on my personal blogroll @

    Happy Reading !!

  5. Is there any online site to buy the tamil comics books


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