Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year Special post - Another small comics

Hi folks,

now that i got an answer for the last post's queries, am recharged to do more posts of such kind. these comics stories were lesser known and hence not much of information can be shared about these. Thanks to Viswa, now i know more about deviyin kanmani magazine (even my aunt couldn't remember those stories or the books in which they appeared).

Here is one more of such kind. this book was also in our shelves with lots of dust and there was an inland letter inside this book and hence this book was used as a latter bag for more than 27 years and last week only i dusted this off and found out that there was also a small comics story in this magazine. Now, again i do not know much about the artist or for that matter the author. even about the book itself. So, the usual request is also here: kindly share more info about the book and the creators behind this story.

As a story, this is very Senti type of question whereby the son longs to be rich and the reality is something else. Sacrificing mother and change of heart fro the son is the usual trend in those stories and the same is applicable here. Today being the new year, i thought of starting this year with a post on this. have a read.

Metti 01
Metti 02
Metti 03
Metti 04

Don’t laugh, now. Have a closer look at the title and you will understand that the font used is that of the old script and not the new one (என்றல் Vs என்றால்) and also the style of panelling (without any gaps between the panels in a page) – all old copybook style.

Have a blast for this year and will be back after watching tees mar khan, today.

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