Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Euro Books India - Iznogoud - 12 Titles - Preview

Hi All,

The rains in Mumbai made my life miserable for the entire month. And to make matters worse, couple of my credit cards were lost in one of those rainy days, (blocked now). Well, all is not that well here. To cheer up, i turned up to my old punching bag – Books and especially comics. Euro-books Has come up with their own titles to kill the competition (and also to kill the comics reading population) and among the latest are the 12 books of iznogoud.

Iznogoud 1 Iznogoud 2 Iznogoud 3

Iznogoud is not known to many of the Indian comic readers, unless and un till they  are either (a) Tamil Comirades or (b) aged above 45 and still has the fire to read comics.

(a) Tamil Comirades – has already tasted the wonderful stories in Lion Comics (unfortunately Viswa’s blog has become private, or else you would have gone through a wonderful and complete introduction to Iznogoud – Come back Viswa, we are waiting). So they need no introduction to Iznogoud.

(b) Aged above 45 – Iznogoud was available in English in India in the 70’s (My Dad has read and passed it to me) and hence they can recollect. we had about 6-8 comics in English in those days.

Now, as we talk about, this being just a preview post (a rage that is getting as a Fad among comirades), we will discuss the details later on during the review post in the week end. here are the titles:

1 Iznogoud and the woman 2 The returns of Iznogoud 3 Caliph at last
4 Nightmarish birthday of iznogoud 5 the ancestors mistake 6 nightmares of iznogoud
7 more nightmares of Iznogoud 8 some more nightmares of iznogoud 9 who killed the caliph
10 the accomplice of iznogoud 11 the trap of the siren 12 likekable monster


Now, then. These books are priced at INR 195.00 Each and are available as a set of 3 stories clubbed in a single bound volume (3 in 1’s) priced at INR 450.00 Each. If you go through the web page of the publishers, you will find no information about the books or for the matter the series.

Found out that, when they announced the series, they were flashing out “The wicked wiles of Iznogoud” as Coming soon issue. now, that issue is not to be found out meaning they have gone to all new stories without ever touching the Egmont, Daragud & cinebook published stories.

This is what we are going to review this week end:

The accomplice of iznogoud cover 10 the accomplice of iznogoud page 3 The accomplice of iznogoud back cover

so, till the review hits you, chill out.



  1. Me the First..
    Nice Post and Nice Scans....These are also available at at Rs.181. Here is the Link
    Lucky Limat

  2. Thanks limat. i have already committed the blunder of buying out these books.

    i know about these sites. the only problem with them is that you will never ever get a full set when you want. there is always this chance of couple of them not available.

    anyway, this will help other buyers, if they intend to.

  3. hi vedha,

    now you have started to post regularly. good on that part. please continue.

    the iznogoud name font is amazing with the design.

    i have also bought the 12 issues yesterday and scanned them night and was tired and didn't post. now you have done a super intro with all the covers.

    i have read 2 of them. 3 books are like snippets (the nightmare series). will post with the original story that appeared in tamil (not in comics) very soon.

    the scans are nice, esp. the 1st page scan. i have a A3 Scanner and hence i have to press my books a lot.

    waiting for your review.

  4. it was amazing coincidence that your latest post and my latest post are covered with photos taken from mobiles. i have always tried to click the shops so that it remains a nostalgia for me.

  5. thanks jolly.

    i have read only one book so far and that is what am going to review tomorrow.

    hey, i thought none of them were printed earlier in tamil. all are new. so, how come you can say about one story being appeared in tamil?

    yes, it was really a co incidence that both our posts are filled with photos. i have already done couple of such posts here. have a look.

  6. Nice Blog...Thank you for sharing the info I have been waiting for Iznogoud Comics for such a long time...Read ur other posts too...wonderful..Keep introducing us to such wonderful comic book Vedha...

  7. hi really delightful and enjoyable posts. am wondering the gud blog writers are, MY choice,from mumbai, see this also from mumbai, but dont knw the details, but sure a tamilian
    i ve seen one bhaamini in ur gang, is she the poet. really awesome and mindblowing poetry with reality .thanks

  8. thanks for the comment toon factory. By the way, don't miss the review section in the next post and you will get to know the standard of these books.

  9. kannan,

    thanks for those encouraging words.

    make regular visits to bhamini as well.

  10. very nice blog. will be following this with utmost care.

    thanks for the posts. they are great.

  11. thanks comics lover. will try to make more frequent from now onwards with my postings.

  12. hey, my comments for a particular post has just now touched double digits for the 1st time ever (albeit, by my own comments).

    yuppie, ho ho.

  13. those who want to know more about iznogoud and download the real live movie on him, kindly visit:

  14. very nice blog. keep writing more about the cini book luky luke and other characters please.

  15. Hi Vedha, useful work for comics. Keep doing..


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