Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gateway of India

Hi All,

Suddenly when i took leave today, some of you guys might be wondering what happened to me. nothing guys. just chill out. (by the way, there were at least 4 sms on my health part - see, when some one is taking leave, the indian way of thinking automatically suggests that he/she is not well).

actually, my cousin from chennai visited me after long time and she (yes, she only) wanted to see the gateway of India and as her flight was in the early evening, i had to take leave to satisfy her longstanding wish to take a snap in front of the monument of India.

Before going there, i took her to the nearby book shop as we were waiting for jiju, i found something that i was searching for a long, long time. yes, i got a don wood graphic novel at last. ever since nitin told me about don wood, i wanted to read his kind of stories and my joy was limitless when i found this. as there is no time to scan and upload, iam posting the pictures taken from my cousin's mobile (which was used in WW2).

I love the way don wood makes you to move with the story - is all nitin told me in the first stage. so here is the don wood book and my travel time will be spent in a usefull way for the next 3 days.there were some other interesting stuff as well. particularly the star wars collection and the comics version of agatha of the old biggles was still there. if i remember correctly, i purchased this in early 2007. still unsold? hmmmmmmmmmm, something wrong, somewhere.
and, the usual suspects. asterix collection. eventhough i have everyone of them, i still go and see them as if iam watching them for the first time (i find it tough to read the asterix stories now).
my cousin told me that there was some issue in chennai with regards to the asterix and tintin books. actually, they used to sell these books in brand new condition at almost 50% of the rate (how lucky the chennai people) and then this raid by the policemen forced them to stop selling the books in those rates from the secondary market in chennai. is that correct? need to check it out with my friends in down south.

so, here are the photos taken during our visit to the gateway of India. all taken be her only.
this one seems to be quite a nice one. long shot and the asthetic beauty is covered nicely.
this was taken when we went in a boat. very very long shot, indeed. some of the Indian navy ships were nearby.
one of my long cherished goals in life is to own a small boat and roam around the world with my own friends. just like that bernard prince does in most of his stories.
another wonderful view of the same. Amchi mumbai Great.

will try to blog about either don or clifton in the next post.

cheers. adios.


  1. it was good that you have removed your personal photo.

    it is very much unsafe for us to have our photos in the net.

  2. yeah, didn't realize that was a terrible thing.

    only when neelu told me to remove, i understood the grave consequences of having our personal photo in the blog.

  3. NICE. Would like to know more on this don wood book.

    kindly do a review post on that as well.

  4. anyone who read Bernard Prince Stories can't hide their imagination go wild in owning a boat and cruising through the world. I am one among them, and you aren't saved there Vedha. :)

    By the way, looking forward for the review on Don. The package looks it is heavily priced. May be I would have to keep it on my Wish list for some other day.

    The situation in Chennai, isn't as rosy rosy as it sounds.... We are also the city where no big shops gives discounts to their aspiring buyers.... So it's only at times we get lucky in picking up some baits... that's it :(



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