Monday, December 6, 2010

Comics By N.C Mohan Doss

Hi folks,

it’s been almost a year since i returned to normality & the last 6 months am getting adjusted to the new house Home. Going is good and lets hope everything is good, as aamir khan says, All eez well”. Now, as mentioned in the beginning, i was getting adjusted in the new home and been placing things in one place and then in the next hour am not satisfied with the placement and i re adjust them to another place and after one day, all i do is place them in the original place. while doing so, i was getting most of my old books and magazine collection in the new study room and while looking in one of them, i found about 8 pages which were torn from a Tamil magazine (the middle 8 pages, from a centre pin magazine, a la rani comics).

When i looked inside those 8 pages, i found a comics story of 9 pages and suddenly i remembered that story (somewhere in the late 1993 or in the early part of the 1994) which i liked very much and tore it from a magazine which my aunt used to buy quite regularly. The best part is, i told this story in my school story telling competition and felt very happy when i completed the story (was it the 7th standard or 8th, need to get it confirmed with Mom). It was also a story which got me into reading the stories of the author NC Mohan doss. he was a quite prominent writer in those days in the dinamalar magazine’s Sunday book vaaramalar. He used to write the thodar kadhai’s over there and also some monthly novels. most of them were used to be quite good. A quick google search helped me to find out more abut him: About NC Mohan doss Link. Read on, it seems he no longer living in India and he is quite settled in UAE. Now, enough of this boring anecdote and here is the comics story that i got it from my old collection:

NCM 01
NCM 02
NCM 03
NCM 04
NCM 05
NCM 06
NCM 07

What a nice story, isn’t it? Now, don’t get me wrong; it was on those school days that this story took a quite likening to my taste (making it correct for all the wrongs you commit). So, as you have read this, you need to do me couple of favours on this.

1. Which magazine does this story appeared in those days? (will help you with some clues – Tamil magazine, monthly or something like that, could be a women’s mag – remember, my aunt used to buy this-, quite popular on those days). People who are familiar with old books and magazines such as saathaan, comics kadhalan, Venkateswaran, muthu fan, viswa can look into this. others are also welcome.

2. Who is this rajini artist? any other information about him?

Now that i have posted a decent thing on my blog, i request you guys to solve this small riddle which was part of my childhood and growing up. Help me out, guys – am counting on you people.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tatty Mane – King of the Jungle

Hi folks,

its been almost a month since the last post and am still getting accustomed to the new lifestyle of mine. difficult, but not impossible. lets hope that iam alive to make some comics posts here and there.

This time am going to talk about one of my favourite comics characters and unfortunately i have read that in my mother tongue only (Tamil). Here is the only one available version of that character in English in India, so far.

This character is called “Tatty mane – king of the jungle” and he was named aptly in Tamil as “Parattai thalai raja” which was more or less very much similar to the name in English. this character was used to appear in Tamil in Prakash publisher’s Lion comics, mini lion and this issue which were published in the English in the early 90’s.

Now, we have already discussed about this series in our blog here. so, here is the 4th book in the series and in that, we had a collection of many short stories. here are the cover scans.

Lion Comics Digest 4 Cover Lion Comics Digest 4 Cover back

This series had almost all of my fav comics characters such as X ray specs, steel claw etc in one book. here is one of the Tatty mane story in multi colour. I think that this story has appeared in mini lion in neelap pei marmam.

Story 1 Page 1 Story 1 Page 2

the scans are differentiated to make the readers understand the role of the photoshop in scanning. this story appeared in puratchi thee of mini lion.

Story 2 Page 1 Story 2 Page 2

Now, am wondering in which book this particular story has appeared. i have read this and still cannot remember the tamil version of the book. can anyone help me on this?

Story 3 Page 1
Story 3 Page 2 3
Story 3 Page 4

P.S. 1: Today is / was Tamil new year day and wishes to the fellow Tamilians everywhere.

P.S. 2: Today happens to be fellow comirade Viswa’s birthday as well. Happy birthday Viswa.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Cinebooks – Treasure Hunt in 2010

Hi folks,

it’s been long since i actually did something worthwhile in this blog. Ever since i started this blog, i have been on a buying spree and every new book that i see, i used to think “let’s introduce this book to my friends” and used to buy them.

Later on, i couldn’t even read all of them, let alone blogging about them. the major culprits are publishers like campfire, eurobooks and cinebooks. So, i thought of blogging about their forthcoming titles so that many of us can wait and buy them in advance. Or else, you may have to chase them in shops, once you miss the launch date – just like i did.

The year 2010 is gong to be a landmark year for the comics lovers as Cinebook publishers have planned to publish a minimum of 48 titles with the introduction of 5 new characters. here are some of the most awaited books in the next 2 months:

Iznogoud Carrot for Iznogoud Mar 2010

A Carrot for Iznogoud (Goscinny – Tabary)

Availablity : March 2010

Published in India: No (In fact it was advertised in Tamil in Lion Comics some 3-4 years ago, and yet to be published).

Lion Comics Coming Soon Ad for Oru Carrotin Kadhai

Pages : 48 in A4 Size

Price: 5.99$ / Rs 350 / Rs199

Introduction: Iznogoud is Grand Vizier to Haroun al Plassid, ruler of Baghdad. And he has only one dream: becoming Caliph instead of the Caliph. With the lazy assistance of his faithful servant Wa’at Alahf, he tries his worst again and again–to no avail. But the usually oblivious Caliph has finally caught a hint of Iznogoud’s evil reputation among the people. To help the one he believes to be his friend, he sets off on a quest to find the legendary vegetable that brings out a man’s kinder nature: the carrot!

To know more on iznogoud, kindly visit: Tamil comics ulagam


Lucky Luke Adventures 22 & 23. (Don’t Miss these, as they are the Morris-Goscinny Issues).

Lucky Luke 23 Cure for the Doltons Apr 2010 Lucky Luke Emperor Smith April 2010

The corresponding Tamil issue covers (Thanks to King viswa)

14th Annual Covers           luckyluke

The beauty is that, i have already read these two books in my mother tongue – Tamil. yes, and iam looking forward to see how these will be in English as the Tamil translations were simply superb.

A small request to all the fans: there are the famed goscinny-morris team books and hence you will never regret buying them. kindly buy.

To read the review of emperor smith in tamil, Go here.

To read the review of Cure for Doltons, Click Here.

Availability – Apr 2010        Price – 5.99$ / Rs 350 / Rs 199


XIII Part 1 Day of the Black sun May 2010

Team – William vance & van hamme

originally published in – 1984

Tag – Possibly, the world’s best graphic novel.

inspiration – Salman Khan’s Tumko naa bhool paayenge

Introduction: A man washes ashore near an old couple’s house, barely alive. When he comes to, he has forgotten everything, including his name. The only clues to his identity: a key sewn into his clothes, a bullet wound to the head… and the number XIII tattooed on his shoulder. A meagre start to reconstruct one’s self.

The central character in “XIII” is an amnesiac on the run, caught in the crossfire as he tries to understand his true identity while attempting to make sense of various conspiracies swirling around him.

This graphic novel series is now running close to it’s 20th part. In Tamil, this is the only book to have appeared in two different dialects. Yes, it appeared in erstwhile Thighil comics (from the same house of muthu/lion comics) in 1986 and later on in 2005, it appeared in Sri Lanka in Iceberg comics.

XIII Part 1 Thigil Comics Issue 11 1986 Front Cover[4] Iceberg 1 Front Cover

Tamil Versions of XIII – TCU Link by Viswa

Iceberg Comics of XIII – TCU Link by Viswa

In Tamil, there is a huge project to compile all the 18 parts of this wonderful book and you will not even believe that it is priced at Rs 199 only. Yes, all the 18 parts for the price of Rs 199. however there is a catch in it. even though they are printed in the original A4 Size, they are in black and white only.

still, this is much better to have this book in hand, even if you do not understand the language (Tamil). it will be the biggest comic book ever published in India, close to 800 pages in A4 Size.imagine that.

Availability – May 2010     Price – 5.99$ / Rs 350 / Rs 199

that’s all for this post and will definitely back within next 10 days. Cheers.

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