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The Spider - King Of Crooks in India - English


Hi all,

welcome back. the review for the cini book – iznogoud is ready to be posted. however, when i saw this post, i thought of doing this particular post. those who know Tamil, can go and enjoy the post.

The Spider is a British comic book character who started out as a super-villain before becoming a super-hero. He appeared in Lion (One of the most popular weekly magazine from fleetway publications, London) between 26 June 1965 and 26 April 1969 and was later reprinted in Vulcan (also from Fleetway, obviously). He was created by writer Ted Cowan and artist Reg Bunn. Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel took over the writing of the character with his third adventure, and would write the bulk of his adventures.

No origin was ever given for The Spider, nor any explanation for his appearance: pointed ears and teeth, and upswept eyebrows. His base of operations was a Scottish castle he brought over to the U.S, Rock by rock – believe it or faint.

The Spider appeared in the 1960s in the United States with the aim to become King of Crooks. He broke out several other criminals to become members of his army of crime, and would clash with both the police and with other criminal masterminds. Among these were Mirror Man (who specialised in illusions), Doctor Mysterioso (a multi-talented scientist) and The Android Emperor (who could create a wide variety of robots). He also clashed with a number of criminal gangs, and one organisation, Crime Incorporated, hired the assassin The Exterminator to kill him. For once, the Spider seemed defeated, but struck an alliance with his would-be killer, and the pair took down Crime Incorporated. The Spider drained the Exterminator, ageing him decades with a booby-trapped handshake, when the latter tried to double-cross him.

The Spider found fighting criminals to be exhilarating, and decided to pit his wits against threats to mankind from now on. For a brief time he was associated with the "Society of Heroes" (Captain Whiz; Mr Gizmo; Rex Robot.; Tigro the Wild Man; Rockman; Snowman (Professor Fred Storm)). All except The Spider died fighting the Sinister Seven. Other foes he faced included The Crime Genie, Spider-Boy, The Snake, The Death-Master, the Ant, the Red Baron, The Fly, The Molecule Man, The Chessman and Mr. Stonehart. This particular adventure is yet to be published in India, either in Tamil or English.

to know more about him, Follow this link:

Now, let us come to this particular post. As Tamil was my mother tongue, i read almost all the adventures of him (either in 1st copy or as a reprint issue) as he was one of the most popular hero, if not THE popular hero. Those who do not know Tamil language, were thus handicapped. To solve out this, The publisher has come out with limited stories in English, some time back. (click on the images to enlarge).

cover editorial 1st page

This issue as you can see, was printed about 17 years back and, by Jove, you can still obtain the remaining copies from them by writing to the address given over there.

Spider’s stories can be classified into 3 categories:

a. Series in Lion Weekly magazine and other allied fleetway issues later on.

b. monthly digest which ran for a year in 1967-68 with standard Graphic novel format of 122 pages and a complete story.

c. Short stories in the special issues and annuals in the 70’s.

Among these 3 categories, the 1st one was truly amazing. For some time, i used to wonder why the editor has chosen this story for his English version’s 1st story instead of going with a Blockbuster story from the series. then i realized that these stories fit the bill to the perfection to print as a magazine.

last page next issue ad filler

The story (Only a Teaser): The spider is challenged for the crown of King of Crooks by a New comer who calls himself as Little Nemo and has his own squad of Toys which are deadly to say the least. He gets Roy ordini (Spider’s side kick) and challenges Spider for a Game of Ludo (Yes, Ludo only). Spider realises that the Game is a Trap and in the final stages, Little nemo escapes with Ordini.

Spider Gets angry and he goes after Little Nemo and in one of the most memorable scenes, he just runs into the army of Nemo mouthing that they cannot even shoot a standing elephant in 10 yards, how can they imagine to shoot Spider, who is faster than the Lightning. And then starts a deadly game in which Spider wins and captures Little Nemo.

back cover fleetway covr tamil cover

The Story may sound little odd and pale in comparison with the rest of the Spider stories. However, A Spider story is, after all, A Spider story for those who got acquainted with him. You will not be disappointed after reading this book. Those who want to have this book,(and the rest of the books in English from the famed publishers) Kindly note down the address and send money to them after speaking to them over phone:

Prakash Publishers,

No 8/D-5, Chairman P.K.S.S.A Road, Amman Kovil Patti, Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu.

Pin Code: 626 189. Phone Number: 04562 – 272649.

That’s all for this post and will be back very soon with the Review post of Iznogoud. Adios, Cheers.


  1. thanks for the comment RR. Keep visit again.

  2. vedha, nice post with great scans.

    actually muthu fan has posted about these comics long time back. as it was long time back, your post will refresh the new set of comics readers to buy them.

    good going. check out my new post, will ya?

  3. Vedha,

    thanks for the info that these books are still available with the publisher (it's a shame, isn't it?).

    very good posts. keep it up.

    அடுத்ததாக ஒரு சிறிய விளம்பரம் - நானும் ஒரு பிளாக் ஆரம்பித்து இருக்கிறேன். ஒரு முறை பாருங்களேன்?

    காமிக்ஸ் காதலன்
    பொக்கிஷம் - நீங்கள் விரும்பிய சித்திரக் கதை பககங்கள்
    யார் இந்த மரண அடி மல்லப்பா?

  4. very good post. it sems it is spider week over here in comics blogs. it ie nice read after so many years.

    thanks vedha.

    புலா சுலாகி,
    கவலைக்கேது நேரம், குறுகிய வாழ்வில்.
    புலா சுலாகி - தமிழ் காமிக்ஸ் களஞ்சியம்

  5. really it is a shame that these books are still available, unsold.

    think it otherwise, it is a blessing in disguise for the new set of readers. after your post many of them will hopefully buy it.

    புலா சுலாகி,
    கவலைக்கேது நேரம், குறுகிய வாழ்வில்.
    புலா சுலாகி - தமிழ் காமிக்ஸ் களஞ்சியம்

  6. Vedha,
    Really nice info and scans are nice especially first one.

    Lucky Limat - Browse Comics

  7. Jolly Jumper = thanks for the comment and yes, i know that muthufan has posted this. i bought them very recently and i couldn't control my urge to post them once i saw a post on spider in another blog.

    that was the reason. got miles to travel to reach the posting standards of muthufan.

  8. Jolly Jumper = Yes, worked on the photoshop for this picture. i actually like the entire cover art. what ya say?

  9. comics kathalan = thanks for the kindly words. yes, it is a shame that those books are not sold out. what else can we do other than posting this and making sure the new sets of readers buy out them?

  10. pula sulaki = thanks for the appreciative words. yes, it is a blessing in disguise.

  11. lucky limat = thanks for the encouragement limat. am nothing in front of your amazing photoshop works. thanks for the comment.

  12. nice post. visiting the blog for the first time.

    addl info : there are few more spider stories which are yet to be published in tamil. i'm in the process of collecting them. barring couple of issues i have all the originals now.

    keep up the good work and welcome to the ever growing comics family :-)

  13. great work muthufan blog. am much more happy to see your comment in my blog.

    all the best for your current project.

  14. Alan Moore made a meta comic called Albion featuring the Spider, the Steel Claw, Archie the Robot, and a truckload of other British comic characters from Beano, Dandy etc.


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