Sunday, May 31, 2009

Junior Diamond Comics - Mickey Mouse 1

Hi all,

now, in this particular post, iam not going to write much. in fact, there is nothing more worth to write about other than what iam going to type in here. the worst kept secret is, that this post is prepared last week itself when i made the (somewhat) review of junior diamond comics issue of donald duck.

as i was miffed with the the standards, i remembered what my uncle said about reading as a process: whenever you read a book/magazine, do the background check and confirm that if it is written for you or not.

what it meant was, a book on the side effects of asthma or how to cook in 30 days may not be of my likings. but, there is a section of TG just for these kind of books (No disrespect to them - my taste is not upto them, rather than they are not being good enough to my taste).

hence, i made sure that from now onwards, i should not have much expectation towards the junior diamond comics series on donald duck and mickey mouse. Navneet had a word with the publisher and he assured that the future editions will be much better and the packaging will also improve compared to the first set of books. hope that he is right, on the improvement part.

this particular story of mickey mouse is not a small story, like the one's we had in the donald duck book. this one seems to be the one for the series kind of story and most probably this will be ending in the 2nd or the 3rd book only (guessing based on the story line).

one of the bad habits that the publishers do have is that, they do not give much information about the author and the person who draws the pictures. we have to do a lot of investigation to find out. This problem is much worse in the case of cinebook published books where they don't even give much credit to the translators (most of the cinebooks are translated from french / belgian comics) and thus deprive us the chance to praise them.

the same goes with the junior diamond comics as well. here we do not know who the author of the story is and nor do we know about the artist. sad state. This is one such thing in which i appreciate the american comics (the sad part is, the only thing i appreciate about american comics is also this one only) is that they give credit to all the departments in the making of the comics such as story, art, lettering, penciling, colouring etc and also on the cover work.

and, hey, for a change:story line is quite interesting and iam waiting for the second book on this series eagerly. Hopefully, the the distribution row will be sorted out by the time the 2nd book hits the stands. (i was told that this book was not available in many places in delhi as well).

as in the first donald duck book, the mickey mouse book also has some competition and as usual, the last date for entering is not given (click the images for bigger, better viewing - and also to admire my scanning process).

One thing that the diamond people have done is that - marketing. Here the sales guys fill up 4 pages again with lovely advertisements and i just cannot stop admiring the PVR ad (and the nice li'l elephant in that too).

Enough, Enough. Yes, enough of these junior diamond comics. the next one will be the cinebook review with my favourite comics character - lucky luke.

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