Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Hi Gang,

Here am is, with a blog instead of wordpress (Sorry guru, nisha and ankit). instead of office gossips (like rupa and shammi dada) i thought of penning my old (still intact) habit - comics.

still cannot forget the day when my uncle (now in australia) introduced comics to me. my favourites been diamond (because i grew up on thee!) and archies (how dare that archie andrews - thinking of marrigae?!?!?!) and lots of others as well.

reading is a art and only very few can keep that art intact and as we grew older in thinking process. we tend to become lazier and lazier and hence we lose out on the reading process and pretend to be readers by subscribing to news papers and bundles of magazines.

when was the last time you read something worth to talk?

comments for the 1st 3 postings will be curtailed. (to be on the safer side).

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