Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Junior diamond comics - Donald Duck 1

Hi all.

back with my first official review. thanks for the encouragement on the beginning part and NO!, am not relenting on the comments part even now. (i know what guru will do the moment i allow comments).

Donald duck has always been my fav comic characters and ever since i saw the ducktales episodes in those days in DD2 (where are those wonderful days when we just sat infront of tv, without even caring who has the remote control and what time is it etc).

this particular series (junior diamond comics) seems to be doing well for the publishers and they have announced this series will be widened by having donald duck and mickey mouse (in two different series) in the month of april.

that triggered a lot. yes, some of my school friends called me to inform so (Neelima from dehradhun - that was a gap of 7 years since we spoke - really time speeds up).

since then, i was waiting for this first ever book of donald duck and mickey mouse in junior diamond comics (JDC). The waiting process was lengthy and irritating for the bookshop person had no answer to my queries and i had to become a lady sherlock holmes to dig the numbers of the publishers and then finally i got the news of the availablity of the book.

the waiting for the christmas is more enjoyable than the christmas itself - is what my uncle used to say and i found out that how true that was. when i was waiting for the book, i had lots of dreams on how they will be and what kind of features will be there, how many stories etc etc.

when i got the book, i was dissappointed a ot, to say the least of all my feelings.

gone are the days when we used to enjoy (late) uncle barks drawings for the donald duck stories. even the artists who followed him were passable. the storylines were not bad at those days when i used to read them from a lending library in Navi.

But, this new series from JDC? It was a shock to see and read the comics for a long time fan and maybe the lengthy expectation period made my decision making a bit easier, though.

The cover art itself was just average, for me though. my friends liked it a lot and they said that i over grew to be still a comics fan whose target group is 7-14. do you folks think so?

The first story itself was a extended version of the egmont donald duck book that got launched in 1996/6/7? (Thanks anil for this wonderful news - now, iv'e added it). what they have done is to add a few parts in tha beginning (small change) and in the end and you have a new story.

here is the story for all those who are yet to lay hands on this book: there is a party happening and donald duck has no invitation for that and he needs money for that as well. he was somehow forced to don the lion's mask to appear in an advertisement to be shot in and he makes it to the studio in time and while returning, the original lion is switched in place of donald duck and there goes the end part.

forgetting all, those who read it the first time will enjoy this. and as usual, it has a happy ending (like all the walt disney stories - their trademark). it was of 18 pages and you may like this pattern of 2 small stories in a single issue when you get accustomed to it.

there is another story in the book as well and what dissappointed me was the abscence of my fav characters such as uncle scrooge, the 3 lovely cousins of donald, the beagle boys, the mad inventor and the list goes on. the second story also doen't feature any of these characters and here is the first page and last page.

As usual, the walt disney books (as their wont) have some of the fillers and competition. here is the one which are from book 1. did you notice that the last date of the competition is not mentioned in this? the reason could be, the delay in shipping to small book stores.

competition 1 competition 2

normally, i just skip through the advertorials. howver, the ads in this book were cute and were in rhythm with the content and age group (need to check if rahul is still there?). i just loved the PVR ad and the comics kind of story telling ad in the 3rd part is also good one.

ad 1 Ad 2

ad 3
now, i will reserve the review of the mickey mouse issue for the next post.


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